Our Privacy Policy

The ad company I use, Ezoic, may collect data from your internet and viewing history to custom tailor ads for a better, non-intrusive experience on your behalf. The site itself, nor the company Gun Tradition has any need for your info or data. You can keep it. This is a secure site which means any info you input such as payment details, business offers, or personal contacts, will be securely encrypted on this site.

Very little of that info will actually be stored on the website, but any that is will be secured with military encryption to the same strength as your bank’s website. Just like in any public setting, be careful sharing any information that could be sensitive. Comments to articles will not become visible unless an administrator first approves them. Do not comment with any info that could be used against you.

Any personal correspondence, or payments for goods or services will be handled with the utmost care for your privacy and security. You and your privacy matter. Be smart, be safe.