6 Best 45 ACP Pistol for Small Hands

If you have small hands, It can be a pain to find a pistol to fit your hands. It’s much harder if you’re looking for a 45. Here are some 45acp pistols that are popular with small-handed people.

Springfield XD45

The Springfield XD45 is a thin-profile, double-stack pistol chambered in 45acp. It’s not super skinny, but it’s about the smallest grip you can get on a double-stack 45. When you pick it up, it doesn’t even feel like it should be a 45acp. It’s a great gun with a pretty high capacity for such a small profile handgrip.

People who own this pistol compare its grip size to a Glock 17. For most people, that’s a pretty good pistol. Although, it’s a bit small for me. The Springfield XD45 has both the highest capacity and the largest grip of those often recommended for small hands. A lot of shooters say it’s a very good fit.

The popular configuration is the XD45 Service Model, which comes with a 4-inch barrel and 10-round magazine. It comes in a few other configurations, but they all have the same grip size. The Springfield XD series of pistols is incredibly popular. They did something incredibly smart with the 45acp model.

They thinned down the sides of the magazine and magazine well as much as they could without compromising the integrity of the handgun. The result was a 45acp pistol that has the same grip dimensions as the 9mm version. This pistol fits small hands and still maintains some size to it for a bit more functionality.

Kahr cw45

The Kahr CW45 is a subcompact, single-stack 45acp pistol. It’s very small, lightweight, and has a magazine capacity of 6. This thing is tiny. It’s one of the smallest 45acp pistols you can get. Being a bit lightweight, the recoil will be more pronounced. Generally, these smaller pistols tend to jump up more sharply when shooting.

That’s the issue with a subcompact pistol. That, and you lose a bit of power with short barrels. The barrel is 3.6-inches, and the gun weighs 22-ounces. It’s not really considered a beast to handle, but it will have a more pronounced recoil than the Springfield XD45.

It has a stainless steel barrel and slide, and a black polymer frame. But, the magazine is steel, which makes the whole grip design skinnier. Another fun fact is that it can take 1911 magazines, usually. It can be hit and miss, but most 1911 magazines will fit in the pistol and that gives you two additional rounds, and half an inch of extra magazine sticking out.

For a polymer frame, it’s probably the smallest grip you can get in 45acp. It feels noticeably smaller than a Glock 36. This gun has a pretty nice trigger too. one of the best on this list. If you’re looking for a subcompact, easily concealable pistol, this one could be your sure ticket.

Standard 1911

You may be thinking that the 1911 sounds like a big gun. Well, it’s not. The 1911 is known for its small grip size, amazing trigger, and ease of recoil management. Most of them do have a pretty thin grip. That’s because they are single-stack, and use a steel magazine and frame.

Because they use steel and not plastic, the entire grip design can be made much thinner. That’s how a 1911 has such a small grip. in fact, one of the biggest gripes against the 1911 is that it’s too small for large-handed people.

Honestly, If you want a full-sized handgun in a 45acp, and you need to fit small hands, get yourself a 1911. The classic 1911 pistol is a perfect grip size for most smaller-handed folks. If you haven’t handled a 1911, you should get your hands on one at your earliest possible convenience.

If you’re used to smaller, polymer-framed guns, the 1911 might feel pretty big and heavy. It’s a bit over 3 pounds, usually around 39-ounces unloaded. That’s why they are easy to shoot. The recoil is significantly reduced because the extra weight of an all-steel handgun absorbs much more recoil energy.

If You aren’t used to a 1911, or maybe haven’t even given it a thought yet, please consider it and at least get your hands on one. The1911 is a great gun for average to smaller than average hands.

Commander Size 1911

If the full-size 1911 seems too large or too hard to conceal, consider a smaller model. A commander-size 1911 is a compact pistol with about the same weight and barrel length as a full-sized Glock. The recoil is sharper than the large version, but on-par with most full-sized polymer pistols.

This is a very popular and capable pistol. I have a good friend who carries a commander-size 1911 and yes, he has small hands. The grip size is the same, it’s just an inch shorter with the barrel and slide, making the whole thing a bit more compact and perhaps balancing it out well.

With the 1911s, you can modify or adjust the grip size. They have grip scales, which are just detachable sides to the grips. there are several different thicknesses of scales, to help adjust the grip to fit a shooter’s hand. I’d recommend starting with the standard, then ordering the thin grips to try if you think the grip is just a bit too wide.

Glock 36

The Glock 36, also known as the “Baby Glock”, is Glock’s smallest pistol. It’s a single-stack, subcompact pistol that fits small hands better than any other Glock. It’s a very popular carry gun, and it’s a potent little shooter too. Te Glock 36 has an aggressively textured grip.

The Glock is going to have a bit more pop to it. It tends to want to jump or flip upward fairly sharply with each shot. That’s because the gun is short and light. Less weight means increased recoil. Plus, the gun is fairly top-heavy which also increases the muzzle flip. It’s a gun that I personally hate, but only because It really doesn’t fit my hand.

Even though it’s got a sharper recoil, it’s still controllable by an average shooter. Still, I think the 1911 is where it’s at. It’s a really great, lesser recoiling option with a thinner grip.

Sig P220

The Sig 220 is a lot like a more modern version of a 1911. Both are similar in dimensions, capacity, and weight. The Sig 220 is a single-stack, full-size 45 ACP pistol. The magazine holds 8 rounds, and it has a nice, textured grip for more control during recoil.

The frame is a lightweight alloy, which shaves off weight compared to steel, but it still weighs more than plastic. It has enough weight to still feel like an easy shooting pistol. It’s a traditional hammer-fired pistol with an exceptional trigger. The best triggers in this list would belong to the Sig P220 and Ye Olde 1911.

The P220 has an under-barrel rail, for mounting a flashlight or laser. It also has grooves on the back of the slide to help you maintain a good grip while racking it. Its black finish is a dull matte, and it doesn’t scratch too easily.

The grip on the P220 feels just a tiny bit wider grip than a 1911. It’s pretty slim. Looking at the two side by side, you can see a slight difference. It’s a double-action pistol. That means that you can cock the hammer manually for a lighter trigger pull, or simply pull the trigger.

A lot of shooters say that it’s easier to control than similar pistols. The texture and checkering on the sides and front of the grip go a long way to help that. It’s a solid choice for concealed carry and self-defense, and it fits small hands very well.

Get Your Hands on it Before Buying Anything

Well, there are 6 recommended options for you to try. The biggest thing to remember is that you can ask 10 different people and get 9 different recommendations. There are a lot of great options out there and you may be surprised with what you end up liking. The important thing to do is get your hands on as many pistols as you can.

Just by picking up and holding a pistol, you can tell how well it fits your hand. what you are looking for, besides comfortability, is for your hands to completely cover the grip, without being too scrunched up. If you have full contact across the entire grip, the pistol will be easier to control and recoil will feel softer.

Try out as many different guns as you can and don’t forget to ask questions. Any good gun store clerk should be able to answer them. Don’t be bashful.

Single Stack Pistols Fit Smaller Hands

The big theme here was single-stacks. Pistols with single-stack magazines are thin. If you have an issue holding a fat pistol like the Glock 21, Look at single stack pistols. They usually hold about 50 percent less ammo, but if it fits your hands, that’s what you will probably shoot best.

I always recommend people to get the most gun you can shoot reasonably well. If the Glock 36 or Kahr CW45 really fits your hand, then it’s probably going to be a good choice for you. Personally, I can’t stand little guns like that. I have more hand than they have gun, and that’s fine. just find one in your price range that you feel like you can operate and control.

0.1 Inches can Make a Noticeable Difference in the Grip.

Even if a gun looks basically the same size, it may feel totally different. Pistols usually have grip width listed in the manufacturer specs. a difference of one-tenth of an inch in grip width can make a very real difference. That tenth of an inch of grip width, by the time you go all the way around it, can feel like a big deal.

Don’t be afraid to look at a pistol that’s almost like the one you already tried. A small difference can sometimes make all the difference in the world. The more you try, the more you know. It’s a great idea to go to different stores and see what they have. The best scenario is a gun store with an in-house shooting range. Most shooting ranges sell guns and have inexpensive gun rentals for the range.

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