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Why I started Gun Tradition: Gun Tradition is something I started to promote shooting skills and answers questions about firearms and traditional outdoor skills. The goal is to help people be more safe, secure, and prepared. Gun Tradition is an open book source of informational articles on gun-related topics. The articles are all non-biased, thoroughly researched, and written with a level of first-hand experience.

I work hard to give you the best answers to most asked and confusing questions. From time to time, I will recommend a specific product that I feel is an awesome answer to your needs. Only the best products on the market make the recommended list. I love all things firearms and want to help as many people as possible to gain a better understanding of guns. The information presented here is accepted by industry experts to be accurate but will reflect some level of personal opinion.

I support the second amendment (and all the rest) 100 percent. I support the constitutional militia movement in the United States and believe that all able-bodied men make up the unorganized militia. Every sane and sound-minded person should have the option of having a gun and knowing how to use it safely and effectively to its fullest potential. The second amendment preserves the rest.

My promise to you is that I’ll never recommend a product or technique that I wouldn’t use, a company I don’t believe in, or a service that I don’t trust.

Guntradition.com and the YouTube channel Gun Tradition are part of the same brand and owned by myself, Jordan (Jordy) Buck.

I also own northernhomesteading.com and it’s correlating YouTube channel Homestead Knowhow.

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