Aguila Ammo, How Good is It?

If you’ve been around to gun stores much, you’ve probably seen Aguila ammo. I am always skeptical of imported ammo, so I decided to try it out.

Aguilla ammo is surprisingly high-quality. It exceeds the quality of some US-made ammo, and it’s very reliable. Aguila ammo is exceptionally accurate and performs well in all guns. Whether you are looking for plinking or competition accuracy, Aguilla ammo will not disappoint you. However, the 22lr ammo can dirty an action.

If you really want to know about Aguilla ammo, I’ve been testing it out for a while now. Here’s what I have to say.

Aguila is Better than Most Imported Ammo

Of all the Imported ammo I’ve tried, Aguilla is the best. Aguilla is much better than Wolf, Tulamo, or PPU. It uses non-corrosive primed, brass cases and a clean-burning powder. Aguila is not low-power and will usually cycle properly in semi-auto guns.

Aguila is imported ammo that started showing up around 2008, during the last ammo shortage. at the time, no one trusted it, including me because, frankly, it was new, the box looked different, and it was imported. let’s face it, imported ammo has a bad reputation of being second class at best.

This ammo is made more like Norma ammo. Yes, it’s imported, but it’s top-notch ammo for target shooting and competition. Aguilla Makes ammo that national-level US competitors regularly use in training and competition. I would say that Aguila ammo ranks at least 4.5 out of 5 for every use you can imagine.

Is Aguila Ammo Clean?

Aguila uses very clean-burning powders and priming compounds in their ammo. Most shooters can notice a reduction in barrel fouling compared to Cheap US ammo. However, sometimes the lubrication on Aguila 22lr ammo builds up in a semi-auto action.

After shooting Aguila, My barrels are cleaner than shooting Aguilla shotshells are very clean too. The only complaint I have is with their 22lr ammo. At the same time, I love their 22lr ammo, recommend it, and use it a lot. My gripe has to do with the lube on some of their solid lead bullets.

Most a lot of the 22lr ammo on the market has a waxy lubrication coating on the case and the bullet. They do this to reduce fouling in the barrel. The main concern is lead fouling. That’s why 22lr ammo will generally be either waxed or coated in an ultra-thin copper or brass finish.

It seems as though they lubricate the whole thing after the ammo is assembled, so the entire case is waxy. That can rub or fly off into the chamber. Aguila uses a pretty thick coating of lubricant on their bulk packed 22lr ammo. But, it’s still great ammo.

Aguila’s 22lr ammo is made for the competition shooter in mind. The number one priority after accuracy is a clean, unleaded barrel. That’s a big part of how 25 or 50 bullets come out of the barrel on the same trajectory. The gripe here is that no, the barrel won’t be dirty; but the action, and some magazines, will need to be cleaned after a few hundred rounds to keep everything peachy clean.

When I first noticed an unusual buildup in the action of my 10/22, I nearly panicked. but after 300 more rounds, I didn’t really have an issue. It’s more of a visual disturbance. Even so, I recommend you clean the action, at least wipe it down, every 200 rounds or so. Just because, if you keep things clean, they last longer.

As accurate and reliable as this stuff is in my rifle, I’ll put up with cleaning it every few hundred rounds. I can’t see any issue there. Just don’t be one of these yahoo’s who thinks that you shouldn’t ever have to clean a rifle.

Where is Aguila Ammo From?

Aguila Ammo is made in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico and is owned by Industrias Tecnos of Cuernavaca. The company was started in collaboration with Remington to supply needed ammo into the US market and other importing countries. Aguilla imports a large volume of ammo into the US.

In 1961, Cartuchos de Portivos de Mexico and Remington Arms worked out a businesss deal. Remington helps them get going, and they get 40 percent ownership in the new company. It later became known as Aguila.

Are Aguila Mini Shotshells Reliable

The Aguila Mini Shotshells are reliable in some shotguns. Many older shotguns won’t cycle them without aftermarket modification or an adapter. Several Modern Shotguns are designed to be compatible with both regular and Mini Shotshells.

It can be pretty hit and miss as to which guns will function well with the mini shotshells. Some of the tactical shotguns like the UTG15 were made to work with them. Your best bet is to try them out in your shotgun and see if they cycle and feed well.

Aguila Super Extra is one of the best 22lr Rounds.

Aguila Super Extra 22lr in 50 round packs is incredibly accurate ammo. It’s a very good choice for hunting, plinking, and target shooting. They utilize world-class priming and precise powder charges to make the ammo perform remarkably consistently.

Super Extra i22lr is very comparable to the CCI MiniMags. It’s equivalent in accuracy, power, and precision. It’s also about the same price. The MiniMags are sold in 100-round boxes vs Super Extra in 50-round boxes, but the cost per round is about the same.

Super Extra 22lr also comes in a loose-packed 250-round box. That’s great for hunting and plinking, but for precision, you want to stay with the 50-round packs because they prevent the lead bullets from being damaged.

Eley Primed Aguila was Developed for the Olympics\

Most Aguila is “Aguila Primed” whatever that means. But, their target 22lr is primed by Eley, the best 22lr ammo maker out there. Priming is very important for rimfires. it’s hard to always get the priming compound even in the rim, making for uneven combustion with most 22lr ammo.

Eley priming makes this ammo a step above the competition for bench rest shooting. the only thing negative I can say about it is that it smells funny. It’s something about the Eley priming, I think. this is the only Aguila ammo I have used that has a weird smell after shooting.

The only other one like this is actual Eley ammo. That stuff is too expensive for me. I’ll stick with Aguila or CCI for my target shooting endeavors.

Aguila Interceptors are the Most Powerful 22lr Ammo

The Aguila interceptor has nearly twice the energy of standard 22lr ammo. It’s the most powerful 22lr ammo on the market. It shoots a 40-grain bullet at 1,470 fps. Interceptor 22lr gives you more power, and 50 percent further effective range or standard 22lr ammo.

This load isn’t a precision load, so it’s primed with a more basic priming method. It shoots well enough for hunting coons at 100 yards. It’s available in a solid round nose for more penetration, and a hollow point for small game hunting. It works pretty well.

I shot completely through a 100-pound hog with the hollow points. The bullet went through the front leg, through the heart, and out the other side. Now, this was at close range, but it was still impressive to see what a full-weight hypervelocity 22lr can do. If I had to use a 22 for defensive purposes, this is the ammo I’d use, hands down.

I’ve really learned to love the Aguila 22lr ammo. It’s just darn good shooting, and not too expensive. The Super Extra ammo tends to shoot amazing in a 10/22.

Aguila bulk 223, a Good Buy

Aguilla .223 is quality, military-grade ammo. It’s more accurate than American Eagle or Winchester White Box. I’d choose Aguila .223 over actual military m193 in my rifles.

Like all other ammo made by Aguila, it’s quality stuff. I did not want to like them at first, But they’ve won my gratitude and trust by making a superior product. Aguila .223 ammo is basically a slightly better version of the military m193. Better as in made with a more careful hand. It tends to outshoot other ammo in its price range.

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