How Much Does an AR-15 Cost? 2022 price list

The average cost of an AR-15 is $800. Most range in price from $1,200 TO $750. A basic AR rifle should cost around $700, and a high-end model costs around $1,100.

First, I’ll give you a basic list of specific models and prices. Next, I’ll go over rifles that I would recommend to my friends and family, and cover all the details of them.

Bear Creek Asrenal BC-15
(the rifles I hunt with)
Anderson AM-15$675
PSA PA-15$750
M&P Sport III$750
Ruger AR556$750
GFLA .223 Wylde Rifle
(My personal Favorite)
(transfer fee applies to non-local sales)
Advanced Armament Corporation AR15$950
Sig M400$1000
Springfield Saint$1000
Colt CR6920$1100
Colt M16A1 Retro Reissue$2500


Bear Creek Arsenal is well known for making cheap modern rifles and accessories. In recent years, their quality has gotten much better and I ended up buying 5 of them in various hunting calibers like 350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39, and 450 Bushmaster. They are awesome.

They are a proprietary design with a side-charging handle, making them more similar to an old-fashioned semi-automatic hunting rifle. I like that. They have a fairly cheap finish, but I expect that for the price. Mine all shoot well enough to hunt deer or defend the homestead.

I gave my BC-15 chambered in 350 Legend to a friend and his daughter shot a nice buck with it last year. I recommend BCA to my friends and family. They sell both finished rifles and complete uppers. I use their products personally and will continue recommending them.

Here’s a link to Bear Creek Arsenal BC-15 rifles.

If you already own an AR-15, here’s a link to Bear Creek Arsenal complete uppers. Swap calibers as easy as building with legos. No tools needed, no paperwork.


The PSA PA-15 is a solid and dependable rifle in a basic military configuration. It’s equally dependable to the G.I. military versions. This gun is one that I would recommend for anyone looking to get a basic, entry-level rifle.

PSA stands for Palmetto State Armory. They are a great company run by patriotic American values. PSA makes rifles across the price spectrum but is best known for its basic configuration ARs. It’s nothing special to look at, but it isn’t supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a functional freedom-spewing machine.

That, it does quite well. Another sweet thing this rifle has going for it is the adjustable stock. the stock will adjust to fit pretty any size shooter, and it will allow the gun to still fit you if you are wearing bulky winter clothing.

It’s actually a carbine, which just means a slightly more compact-sized rifle. The barrel is 16 inches, which is popular for tactical work. the gun weighs 6.8 pounds unloaded. That’s pretty normal for a no-frills AR. It’s lightweight, but this type of rifle doesn’t need much weight. Like with many basic rifles, you will need to purchase a standard AR-15 rear sight.

My favorite thing about this rifle is that PSA has multiple sales a year where they discount the price quite significantly. PSA fans often lie in wait for a big sale to hit, and they are pretty big. Sometimes being over $200 off a rifle.

Now, the price I listed doesn’t include a transfer fee. PSA sells directly from their website and must ship all purchased guns to a dealer who usually charges $25-$50 for their time.

This rifle is generally capable of shooting 3-inch groups at 100 yards with cheap military ammo. They may shoot better with better ammo, but the handguard configuration of the rifle isn’t conducive to much more accuracy than that. Overall, It’s a dependable gun that will take care of you and I can say it’s one that I put on my recommended list.

The trigger isn’t anything special. and honestly, a good trigger usually greatly improves the accuracy of a rifle. you can buy one of many aftermarket AR-15 triggers (they’re all interchangeable), or you can improve the trigger your gun came with.

Aftermarket triggers get expensive. I have several basic AR-15 triggers just like the one PSA uses and I opted to do a basic DIY polishing job. For $5 and 30 minutes time, I made a very noticeable difference to the standard trigger. It’s now smoother and a bit lighter to pull, which did increase my accuracy.

Ruger AR556

The Ruger AR556 is another basic configuration rifle. The main difference from the PA-15 is that it uses some proprietary designs. Being proprietary, or factory exclusive, allows them to make the fit and finish a bit better and still keep prices far below most custom shops. The Rugger looks sleeker and in my opinion, a bit nicer. But functionality is basically the same.

My good friend bought this gun, and you bet your buttons I tried it out. I am able to call this gun very dependable. The AR556 has a standard, non-free floated handguard. Its accuracy should be standard, or about 3 moa plus or minus with military surplus ammo. Really, that’s pretty good considering its cheap ammo.

The Ruger does come with both sights. It’s ready to shoot right out of the box. Well, it will be when you load it anyways. The upper, Lower, and stock generally go together nicely with a tight fit. The trigger is a standard type. it does have a pretty solid adjustable stock as well.

It comes with a 16-inch barrel. The rifle weighs right at about 7 pounds unloaded which is barely heavier than average, and it comes with a 10-round magazine. It really is a good buy, probably the best of the cheaper, basic configuration Ar rifles.

Great Lakes (GLFA) 223 WYLDE rifles come in all colors, as well as black or stainless steel barrels.

GFLA .223 Wylde Rifle

Now here is my favorite. GFLA (Great Lakes Firearms and Ammo) is a gun manufacturer in Sparta, Michigan. They have quickly become renowned across the state for their quality, superb customer service, and good pricing. I’m a proud GFLA rifle owner.

Even though it sells for the same price as a basic rifle, it’s not a basic rifle. This gun comes with a free-floated, full-length, railed handguard. It’s designed with accuracy in mind. This gun is designed for hunting, so it doesn’t come with sights. It’s intended to have a scope mounted on it, but you can put normal sights on it if you want (they just clamp on the rail).

The guns are accurate and well-fitted together. The trigger could use some improvement, but you can’t get everything at this price. If you want an AR for hunting, or just want one that works well with optics, the GFLA 223 Wylde Rifle is probably the best out there under $1,100.

Reading through the GFLA Owner’s Facebook group tells me it’s not just my rifle that’s good. Most people who own a GFLA .223 Wylde Rifle have shot 1-inch or smaller groups at 100 yards with it. These guns are considered both reliable and very accurate.

They definitely have a good fit and feel, and they have a very good balance with a scope or red dot. GLFA does a lot of the machining in-house. You won’t find a better AR rifle for under $1,100.

It sells for $800 locally, and they will ship it to your local dealer, but you will have to cover any charges the local dealer adds. If you are looking for a good AR for hunting, at least check into it. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking at cheaper options, consider one of m favorite companies; Bear Creek Arsenal. BCA makes cheap, functional rifles and AR uppers for the everyday man. If you’re looking for something more powerful than the AR standard .223, consider their 350 legend and 450 bushmaster uppers and complete rifles.

See Bear Creek Arsenal Here

If You want to see the most powerful AR rifles on the market, Check out Bear Creek Arsenal’s maximum-power BC-8 AR rifles. These rifles have as much power at 1,000 yards as the standard AR-15 does at 100 yards. And, they are rugged and durable.

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