What is the Cost of a Rifle?

I frequent gun stores and have bought and sold multiple rifles in the past few years.

The average cost of a rifle is $500. Most traditional rifles range from $350 to $7500. The Average AR-15 rifle costs $800, and most AR-15s range from $600 to $1,000. Rimfire rifles are usually cheaper than other options.

What type of rifle are you interested in? I’ll cover them all in this article. Read on!

How Much Does a Typical Rifle Cost?

The most common hunting rifles cost about $500 in the US. Lower-grade rifles cost about $350. $700 and above can get you a very nice rifle. Most rifles don’t come with sight or scope, so you’ll have to add $100 or more to the cost before your rifle is ready to shoot.

Cost of Popular Hunting Rifles

Currently, the most popular hunting rifle is the Ruger American Rifle. There are several models in this series, ranging from $450 to $525. The Ruger American rifle, in all of its configurations, is the absolute best rifle you can get for the money.

It’s accurate as all get out. It does feel a bit cheap compared to high-grade rifles because technically it is. Ruger has a very nice trigger, and the stock helps to reduce recoil with a soft rubber recoil pad.

The Savage Axis is also very popular, and a bit cheaper than the Ruger. It sells for $350-$375 in its basic configuration. It has a cheaper trigger and a cheaper feeling stock than the Ruger. This is a bottom-tier rifle. still, it’s popular for hunting because it’s cheap and it works.

The Tika 3 is a nice, lightweight rifle with a good trigger. It sells for around $800. It looks and feels nice. This gun is a mid-grade rifle with a decent fit and finishes to it. It’s please3nt to shoot and feels like quality when you hold it in your hands.

If you want the best standard factory production rifle, that’s the Weatherby Mark V. The mark 5 is an immaculate, high-grade rifle. It is accurate, sleek, and has a perfect fit and finish. This it the rifle that folks dream of; a Cadillac of guns.

Cost of an AR-15

Average AR-15s cost from $700 to $1000. A Basic Ar15 can be bought for $750. A nice AR-15 usually costs $1,000 to $1,200. High-grade or custom AR-15 rifles can cost as much as $2,000.

The most popular AR-15 is the Ruger AR556. It’s a fine rifle for something basic. It comes ready to fire, complete with a set of fold-down sights. It’s generally capable of shooting a 3-inch group at 100 yards. while not the most accurate, it is cheap and reliable.

The PSA Freedom Rifle is another great, cheap option for about the same price as the Ruger. Palmetto State Armory makes it affordable with a low markup rate. Their mission is to put an AR-15 in every household in America. It’s in the same league as the Ruger.

The best AR-15 you can get for the money is the GFLA 223 WYLDE RIFE. It costs $750. You can’t get a better AR-15 under $1,000. It has all quality components, a free-floated handguard for additional accuracy, and is available in your choice of colors.

The highest quality AR-15 type rifle you can get is made by NEMO Arms. Nemo rifles regularly sell for $4,500 to $5,500. They are the finest tuned, most perfect fit, and fanciest ARs on the market. They’re also made in calibers much larger than standard ARs, such as the 300 Win Mag

Cost of a 22 Rifle

Most 22lr rifles cost under $300. A quality dependable one can be had for $280. $200 will buy a decent 22 rifle, and low-quality ones can be had for even less.

Most quality 2 rifles will cost between $250 and $350. $400 plus is getting into the higher end of quality.

A 1,000 22lr rifle is getting near the top in terms of quality.

The Ruger 10/22 is the most popular and most versatile 22lr on the market. It sells for $280 but has some configurations that can cost more or less. it’s an ultra-reliable semi-auto with detachable magazines. The 10/22 has lots of available upgrades and is still a great rifle right from the store.

The highest quality 22lr rifles are made by Anschutz. This company makes top-of-the-line guns, and there is little dispute about it. Their basic rifles cost around $2,000, and top competition models cost $4,500. This is a serious company that makes rifles for serious competitors.

Cost of a Muzzleloader

Muzzleloaders generally cost between $200 and $500. You can get a reliable, Quality muzzleloader for around $400. A beautiful Flintlock rifle can cost $600, and high-end models cost $1,000 or more.

Muzzleloading rifles are by far my favorite. There is little I like more than the firm boom of a Muzzleloader followed by the billowing cloud of smoke. My very first Whitetail buck was shot with a traditional muzzleloader at 75yards. I’ve been hooked since.

You may not know what a muzzleloader is. They are very popular in small geographic areas in the US. it’s a gun that doesn’t shoot modern bullets. You pour the proper amount of gunpowder down the barrel and top it off with a bullet. It’s loaded by shoving the bullet ad powder down the muzzle.

They are more properly called black powder firearms because they use back powder instead of modern gunpowder. Some muzzleloaders are actually not muzzleloaders anymore. Some are loaded at the rear(breach) of the gun. They are breech-loading black powder firearms.

Black powder rifles offer a unique challenge to hunters and shooters. They fire large heavy projectiles at speeds between 1,500 and 2,300 fps. Most have a max effective distance of between 100 and 250 yards, depending on the type of bullet used.

My favorite Muzzleloader is the Traditions 50 caliber Flintlock Kentucky Rifle. It was designed in the 1600s and it still functions well today. I guarantee if you try it, you will have a big ole grin on your face. That is the type of rifle that truly won the American War for Independence.

What Do I Need to Spend on a rifle?

You only need a few hundred dollars to buy a safe, functional rifle. More money usually means more quality and reliability, but you can just go so far that it becomes wasteful.

Before you buy, you need to have a set budget. How much are you willing and able to spend on a gun? don’t spend what you don’ have. Save up money if you need to. Pile up some cash in an envelope. Know what money you can spend, then head to the gun store.

Jordan Buck

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